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with Africa’s Baobab Fruit


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What’s in your Tribal Smoothie?

Whats in Tribal Nutrition products

Sea Salt

  • Balances electrolytes
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • A source of minerals
  • Prevents muscle cramps


  • Packed full of vitamin C
  • Contains micronutrients and fibre
  • Pro-biotic and pre-biotic

Brown Rice Syrup

  • An alternative to refined sugars
  • Slow absorption of sugar helps make energy available for a longer low fructose sweetner

Apple Puree

  • Pre-biotic effect
  • A source of antioxidants
  • Helps lower cholesterol

Cherry or Pineapple

  • Contains antioxidants
  • Loaded with nutrients
  • Eases digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
The benefits of baobab
The benefits of baobab

The Amazing Baobab

What is Tribal Active?

Tribal Active baobab energy smoothies offer a powerful energizing and revitalizing everyday source of nutrition designed to help you fuel your activities in a natural way.

Formulated from 100% organic ingredients including the African Baobab fruit, blended with apple puree, exotic fruits and brown rice syrup, the recipes provide sports and active lifestyle customers with a versatile and natural energy source containing vitamin C, fibre, macronutrients and electrolytes.

This nutritious ready-to-consume energy food is a tasty alternative to oversweet sports foods such as energy gels.

Baobab has been used as an energy source and a medicine in African communities for thousands of years.

Cherry and Baobab Energy Smoothie - Tribal Nutrition

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What people are saying about us

That’s brilliant, it’s not sweet, not claggy, really impressed, the best gel I’ve had by far.  Highly recommended.

Mark Fishwick

Yumbo –  I love it, fresh exactly what I like, not sweet that’s really lovely.

Roslyn McGinty

I don’t normally like gels being sickly sweet and they don’t taste like real food. That tastes like fruit and I don’t need to take lots of water with it.

Andrew Rees

..its organic and natural and it tastes good .. its what I want in this kind of product

Steph Bridge

World Kite Surf Champion

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