Natural Fuel for Life

Try our delicious fruit compotes and great tasting high protein smoothies made from
100% natural and organic ingredients

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Its time to try a nutritious real food source that’s been woven into the
culture of communities in Africa for thousands of years

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Our fair partnership with suppliers of Baobab in Africa supports livelihoods and protects ecosystems.

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100%Natural & Organic

EcoSustainably Sourced

ProvenEnergy Source

Tribal’s Natural Fuel for Life.

Energise and Revitalise with a Natural Fuel for Life

Gone are the days of over processed ingredients, synthesised sugars and sickly sweet energy gels …heres a Baobab inspired product that packs a real energising punch.

At the core of Tribal’s delicious real-food fruit smoothies is the nutrient rich Baobab superfruit, sourced from the heart of Africa.

With its natural sherbet like taste, Baobab provides the “zing” you need to complement the rich organic fruits in Tribal Active’s energy smoothies, giving you a great tasting and 100% natural energy boost.

Try our Energy and Recovery Smoothies now and start to fuel and recover naturally !

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Create your everyday nutrition

Tribal Kitchen Baobab Compotes

Tribal Kitchen is an everyday nutrition product set to revolutionise how you fuel your day.

The Tribal kitchen Baobab Compote range is designed to complement your everyday foods and can also be eaten as a healthy wholesome on-the-go snack. Eat it with Porridge, try it with yogurt or oats or eat it on its own.

A wholesome and energising real-food fruit compote made by blending 100% organic
ingredients, and packed with beneficial macro nutrients from Africa’s Baobab fruit.

Tribal Kitchen will be available through chosen retailers, so keep your eyes peeled for its release and start creating your everyday nutrition your way.

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As we unleash more flavours in the coming months you will be able to build a box as unique as you. Choose the flavours you love and the smoothies that best suite your fitness needs.

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From the heart of Africa
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Baobab – Africa’s favourite super fruit a nutritional gem…
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