So called Superfoods are cropping up all over the place at the moment, but one set to take the health food world by storm is the Baobab fruit, found in the communities of Africa. The baobab fruit is more nutritious than any other fruit you’ll find on the supermarket shelves, so what is the Baobab fruit and how will you get your hands on it?

Otherwise known as the Tree of life, the Baobab tree is the only fruit tree where the fruit dries naturally on the branch. You will more often than not find this fruit in its dried powdered form, in the growing range of products from vitamin tablets, to health foods. Some call it a delicious natural sherbet, adding zest and a little zing to many of our best loved food and drinks, in a wholesome natural way,

This superfruit boasts benefits for immune function, glowing skin, gut health, high fibre content and is crammed with antioxidants so why aren’t we all eating more…

Heres some of the reason why this fruit really is something special:

  1. Energy releaseAs it is a natural source of nutrients, Baobab is more bioavailable than manufactured vitamin supplements, meaning our bodies can absorb the nutrients more easily, ensuring a greater uptake. Amazingly, baobab has a natural shelf-life of 3 years so there are no additives or preservatives added, just 100% pure baobab fruit pulp powder.

    2. Immune system
    The human body cannot make or store its own vitamin C (unlike other animals), so we need to make sure we get a good supply from the foods we eat every day. Baobab is the fruit most rich in vitamin C, with a single serving providing, 33% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C helps to keep our immune system strong, supporting our body’s defence against infections, diseases and other illnesses.

    3. Slow release energy
    Vitamin C contributes to normal energy release – this slow, and steady release sustains us for a longer period of time and prevents us from feeling tired all of a sudden. Therefore the Baobab fruit can help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue as well as supporting your activity and exercise. 4. Absorption of Iron
    Over 30% of the world’s population are deficient in iron – making it the most common nutritional disorder (World Health Organisation, 2017). Where so many turn to traditional iron tablets to increase intake, the vitamin C contained within Baobab paired with the high iron content help the body to absorb more and even better it’s totally natural.5. Digestive health
    Approximately 40% of people have at least one digestive symptom at any one time (NHS, 2016). Despite the growing awareness of the role of fibre in improving our digestive health, 80% of people in the UK don’t eat enough of it.

    Baobab has a fibre content of almost 50%, containing both soluble and insoluble fibres. Soluble fibres dissolves in water found in your digestive system and can reduce cholesterol in your blood.


Insoluble fibre doesn’t dissolve, it passes through your gut and enables other foods to move through your digestive system easily. It also helps to keep your bowels healthy and prevents digestive problems.

So with all these benefits it’s clear to see why we have made Baobab a key ingredient for our delicious natural fruit smoothies. Energy, Muscle building and recovery shouldn’t be all about artificial sugars and protein shakes but instead focus on a blend of natural nutrients to help your body perform.

We are ready to shake up the world of sports nutrition.

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