Ironman is one of the world’s most notorious triathlons: participants swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and then attempt to complete a marathon. Here at Tribal Sports Nutrition, we spent time catching up with triathlete Rich Drew as he prepared to tackle his first ever Ironman in Bolton, which took place July 15th 2018.

When asked what prompted him to sign up for the event, Rich laughs. “I haven’t got a clue,” he says. “I signed up on a whim. I needed something to focus on. I like the challenge.” With a diverse background of events behind him, from ultra-marathons to Tough Mudders, he clearly isn’t joking. Completing his first triathlon in 2012, Rich explains how he “likes the idea of the multi-sport element” as he “gets bored of doing just one thing.” But having to train for so many disciplines means that he has a schedule that is pretty intense.

With Ironman as the goal, Rich has been training 5-6 days a week: “I always get in a swim, a long run and one long ride – at least 6 hours- a week,” he reveals. He teams this with a few shorter, speed runs, and at least two gym sessions that comprise of body weight exercises and weights, as well as rowing to help build power and stamina.

To keep his energy up, Rich has been making his own gels. “I hate the taste of normal energy gels,” he explains, “and they are full of so much rubbish.” But, he admits that it can be pretty time consuming and it can take a lot of organisation – that’s where Tribal comes in. “I’m looking forward to using Tribal to get me through Ironman next week – it will be one less thing to worry about.”

We are delighted that Rich managed to successfully complete the full Iron Man in 15 hours. Even more impressively he then went on to complete the grueling John O’groats to Lands End just two weeks later. Keep your eyes pealed for more challenges from Rich.