Sustainable Nutrition

Shaping the Future of Sports and Active Nutrition

Do you want to know where the ingredients in your sports food come from and what their footprint is ?  Like many of our customers, we do.

Tribal’s brand values respect the natural environment, our playground. We believe this way of thinking appeals to customers who share our values.

We have made a commitment to creating a sustainable nutrition brand by being aware of our how our ingredient sourcing and our packaging footprint impacts the environment and our partner communities. We’ve made key choices to promote more sustainable products.


Choosing Certified Organic Ingredients

For our Tribal Baobab Energy Smoothies we use only 100% organic ingredients certified by the Organic Food Federation.

Our formulations place Baobab at the centre of recipes created with 100 % organic ingredients grown with farming methods which are more likely to secure the future of our planets delicate ecosystems.

In the African villages from where we source our organic Baobab, certification means no pesticides or fertilisers have been used on other crops within 50 meters of the wild harvested fruit their comes from Baobab trees.

Mango and Baobab Yoghurt Smoothie


Buying Ingredients directly from communities in a fair partnership

In buying Baobab fruit directly from communities in a fair partnership we have also made a commitment to protect Africa’s botanical resources and the savannah woodlands that contain Baobab trees.


Recyclable Polypropylene Pouches

in 2020 Tribal will offer our products in the worlds first recyclable pouch.


B Corp Status

With a focus on sustainable nutrition we are setting our sights on becoming a B Corp status company within 5 years.