The Tribal Story


In Africa the Baobab fruit is used as part of everyday nutrition and medicinal culture. Tribal brand founder and originator Chris Martin first encountered the Baobab in villages in Africa, during two decades working as a photographer and film maker.

Chris  “after observing how the Baobab fruit benefited people in African communities as a source of readily available natural energy and nutrition I became convinced Baobab could help shape the future of sports nutrition, offering both a source of natural energy and a contribution to recovery and wellbeing. 

In the UK we are road cyclists, surfers, runners and mountain bikers and we count open water swimmers, adventure racers, triathletes and kite surfers in our sporting community.

We designed Tribal Active for this community and for all kinds active on the go fast paced lives.  We think our products offer a better tasting and more natural and organic alternative to established brands and so far if we look at the response from our customers many people seem to agree”

We offer an organic real-food choice that’s easy on the stomach and an alternative to products which are often made with processed ingredients such as maltodextrine.

Feedback from our sporting community suggests that many processed ingredients can be over-sweet and are often not digested easily especially during the stress of competition and endurance events. Tribal smoothies offer a different kind of choice, for us Natural is King.

Chris Martin